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APS Bank hosts first Staff Townhall for 2021

15/03/2021 13:30:00

Aaron Mifsud, Head of Retail at APS Bank, presenting the Bank’s Townhall meeting


APS Bank connected over 400 staff members virtually for the first Townhall of 2021, with the session being hosted over Microsoft Teams on Friday 12th March afternoon. The meeting, which was spread over two hours, presented the latest updates and developments to all staff members.

CEO Marcel Cassar opened the event with a brief overview of the past year, reflecting on the effects of the pandemic and the outlook for the months ahead. Several presentations followed from senior management members, covering the 2020 audited financial results, updates on the economy, projects, products, upcoming marketing campaigns and on COVID-19 related measures being implemented by the Bank. Part of the meeting was also dedicated to the Long Service Awards, which recognise staff for achieving milestone anniversaries in their years of service at the Bank.

The final presentation was ‘Celebrating our Heroes', focusing on the Bank’ Retail Branch Network. The dedication and resilience of these front-liners means that APS Bank is managing to keep to its quality service commitment seamlessly and at high quality throughout the pandemic. Aaron Mifsud, Head of Retail, welcomed all 11 Branch Managers to join in his presentation with a cameo slot.

The Townhall ended with remarks by Chairman Frederick Mifsud Bonnici, who on behalf of the Board of Directors expressed his satisfaction at the financial results achieved for 2020, despite the many challenges.

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