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APS Bank’s educational sessions for inmates approaching release



APS Bank’s educational sessions for inmates approaching release

Over the past weeks, APS Bank has volunteered the time and expertise of its staff to deliver financial education sessions to inmates of Corradino Correctional Facility. The training forms part of the Bank's community outreach and is aimed at helping the inmates with their reintegration as they approach release, informing them about budgeting and the various financial skills and tools to better manage their finances.

The sessions were delivered by the Bank's Head of Investment Distribution, Kenneth Genovese, and Terence Seychell, Manager, where they elaborated on the different products and services offered by the Bank, the use of internet and mobile banking, loans, use of ATMs, bank cards and different types of insurance protection.

Larkin Bonnici, Head of Implementation Unit within the Correctional Services Agency stated that "This activity forms part of a series of initiatives currently being implemented by the Care, Reintegration and Implementation Units within the CSA with the aim of facilitating the re-integration of inmates back in the community. This follows another educational workshop which was conducted by a local recruitment agency with the aim of providing career guidance, cv-writing and job-interview skills".




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