APS Business Banking

At APS Bank, we assist our business customers in identifying and catering for their business needs through a comprehensive portfolio of banking solutions put together to meet the needs of modern business development.

Bizplus, our flagship business banking product, combines all your financial requirements into one account in order to finance your business investment and provide working capital whilst reducing interest costs. Moreover, Bizplus may also offer loans either to finance your business premises or to bridge future cashflow for capital expenditure or general business development. Our business banking products may also be used to co-finance EU-funded projects undertaken by your business.

We applaud industries that work towards improving the environment. To this end, Ecoplus Commercial is devised to assist those businesses who either want to buy or sell environmentally-friendly products. We also provide your business with additional tools by offering an extensive selection of investment services, such as Foreign Exchange, Insurance, Portfolio Management and Liquidity Portfolio Management. 

our APS Bank Business Banking toolkit includes:

  • Business Banking Services
  • Bizplus
  • Organisation-Based Scheme
  • Investment Services 

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