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Running a business is a demanding affair. It takes time, effort, energy and inspiration to gain advantage and maintain it. Then there's the financial aspect of your business with all the complexity that is often associated with it. At APS, we are committed to providing all the services you need to turn Business Banking into a valuable tool that helps you achieve business success. We apply our experience and expertise to tackle the more technical aspects of banking so that you can take your business to the next level with minimal effort. With years of collective experience, our Business Banking Team has the knowledge and the ability to understand the specific requirements of a wide variety of business situations, from the multitude of tasks that a sole trader must contend with during a day's work to the cross-border nature of an export-oriented industry. Therefore, we can offer you tailor-made solutions within a very short time.

Your Business Banking toolkit starts with these essentials, designed to work together for efficiency and convenience.

  • Business Current Account
  • Business Savings Account
  • Business Term Deposit Account
  • Cards
  • Internet Banking Service
  • SEPA and Non-SEPA Payments
  • SEPA Credit Transfers (SCTs)
  • SEPA Direct Debits (SDDs)
  • 24-hour Cash Processing


APS Business Banking



BizPlus leads our portfolio of Business Banking products by combining the majority of the most frequently required services into one. Think of it as the only account you will need for most day-to-day situations. Designed to work around your specific business needs, you can structure your banking to allow this one- account to help with financing future business premises, capital investment, or even to co-finance EU-funded projects. This flexibility allows us to work with you to cater for the most demanding of today's business applications. You may either opt for stand-alone components of this suite, such as business loans or overdraft facilities, or to combine services in a manner that suits your current and future business activities perfectly. In every case, we are readily accessible to join you on your journey, from the very initial stages of a business venture all the way through the expansion of your existing business.


  • Business Development Loan - Designed to assist you with planning and implementing your marketing and business development initiatives.
  • Business Mortgage Loan - Finances the acquisition, construction, extension, completion or even refurbishment of the commercial premises from where you operate.
  • Business Overdraft - Helps your business grow even in tight conditions, our business overdraft will help finance the cash flow you need, when you need it.
  • Business Bridge Loan - Offers short-term financing to help bridge any immediate financing gaps you may have.
  • Capital Expenditure Loan - Gives you the possibility to invest in those assets that will help your business run smoothly, such as purchase of vehicles, showroom or office equipment and IT systems.
  • Commerce Facility - Enables you to combine business capital investment, and working capital into one simple account. Apart from the convenience of this service, you may also benefit from a reduction in interest costs.


Investment Services

APS Bank also provides your business with additional tools by offering an extensive selection of investment services.

Foreign Exchange

At APS Bank, we offer you competitive foreign exchange rates for the most frequently traded currencies as well as the purchase and sale of banknotes.


Key Man Insurance

Offers cover against the eventuality that key persons within the business aren't present for a prolonged period of time and the resultant need to recruit and train suitable replacements.

Group Life Policies

A great way of showing your employees that they matter. This policy offers cover to all your employees and can even be extended to their families.


Portfolio Management

Our team can create a uniquely structured portfolio that matches your company's risk profile and exigencies based on your specific business objectives.

Liquidity Portfolio Management

This discretionary portfolio makes sure that your funds are working for you until you need them, and when you actually do require them, they are readily available.

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