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Buy-to-Let has become a popular way to invest, as it is attracting better yields than other types of investments. The Buy-to-Let Loan provides you with the required finance to purchase an investment property with the intention to rent it out. You may be just one step away from being able to invest in an additional residential property which could produce favourable financial rewards.

Benefits of a Buy-to-Let Loan:

  • A loan up to €700,000
  • A very competitive interest rate (please refer to the Home Financing Brochure for the relevant APR)
  • Part of rental income considered for repayment purposes
  • The option to finance furnishings as part of the loan
  • The option of rolling part of the notarial fees and stamp duty, up to a maximum of €2,500
  • A maximum repayment term of 25 years


Main features:

  •     Borrow up to a maximum of 75% - You may borrow up to 75% of the total cost of the property, which can include the acquisition, construction, finishing and furnishings, provided that your gross annual income is at least €35,000.
  •     Furnishing your property - Up to 10% of the value of the property can be made available for the purchase of furniture, domestic appliances, soft furnishings and energy saving domestic systems, retaining the same low interest rate as the rest of the loan. This part of the loan can be of a maximum of €20,000.
  •     Repayment over 25 years - This facility may be repaid over a maximum term of 25 years or upon reaching retirement age (whichever comes first).
  •     Rental income considered for repayment purposes - Part of the rental income received from the purchased property will be taken into consideration for repayment purposes over and above your employment income.
Representative example of a Buy-to-let Loan
On a fully utilised Buy-to-let Loan of €150,000 at a variable borrowing interest rate of 4% p.a. then the APRC will be 4.14%. The loan will be repayable in 300 equal monthly instalments of €796.36 over a term of 25 years. The total sum payable throughout the term of the loan will be €239,845.50 (being capital of €150,000, interest of €88,908.00, processing fee of €450.00 and Bank’s legal fees of €487.50).

All Buy-to-let Loans are subject to the final approval from your APS servicing branch.

*The APRC calculation is based on the following assumptions: The consumer lending bank base rate (currently at 2.25%) remains unchanged during the period of the loan. The facility is utilised in full within the first 3 months after being sanctioned. The consumer has the right to pay the loan in full or in part before the agreed termination. In such circumstances no early repayment penalty fee is incurred. The credit agreement is to remain valid for the period agreed between the Bank and the consumer, and that both parties will fulfil their obligations under the term and by the dates specified in the credit agreement. The APRC calculation is based on the total cost of the credit to the consumer, expressed as an annual percentage of the total amount of credit.

The worked example does not include the following items since such costs cannot be determined in advance: A life assurance policy covering the amount of the facility and a building replacement policy which are to be pledged in favour of the Bank. Bank’s Architect fee of 0.2% of the market value of the property [Min € 70 - Max € 465 (Inclusive of 18% VAT)], conservation of special privilege and periodic updating of searches where such fees would incur Public Registry and Lands Registry fees.

Terms and conditions apply and are available on request.


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