Depositor Compensation Scheme




APS Bank plc is a member of the Depositor Compensation Scheme (‘the Scheme’) established in terms of Legal Notice 383 of 2015 (the ‘Legal Notice’). The Scheme is managed and administered by a Committee appointed by the MFSA, which is composed of persons representing the MFSA, the Central Bank, licensed investment firms, banks and customers.

In case a bank participating in the Scheme is unable to meet its obligations towards depositors or has otherwise suspended payment, the Scheme pays compensation to depositors up to a maximum amount established by law (currently set at a maximum of euro 100,000 or of a depositor’s total deposits held with the bank). In any such event, a bank’s net liability to a depositor is the aggregate of all accounts in the name of that depositor in euro. The Scheme covers all currencies, however compensation will be paid in euro. In the event that the account is not denominated in euro, the Scheme will exchange the amount in the account into euro at the official exchange rate of the European Central Bank when the Scheme is requested to make such compensation. All deposit accounts are covered by the Scheme. This includes all savings, current and fixed deposit accounts as well as any accounts which at the time of the bank’s failure may be in credit (e.g. credit card accounts and overdrafts).

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