Personal Pension Plan (Unit Linked)

Unit Linked Pension Plans


As a Tied Insurance Intermediary of MAPFRE MSV Life plc, APS Bank distributes the MAPFRE MSV Personal Pension Plan (Unit Linked), a long term regular savings pension plan offering you a choice of various unit linked investments. It allows you to save on a regular basis and to invest additional lump sums at any time in the future. The value of the Plan is linked to the value of the underlying investments of your choice. Contributions to the Plan qualify for a tax credit for those meeting the eligibility criteria listed in the Key Features Document.

The Plan aims to build up a sum of money which will be used to provide a tax-free cash sum when you retire and a regular income for the rest of your life, in order to supplement the State Pension. It can also help your retirement planning cope with changes in your personal and financial circumstances; offer a wide and flexible choice of where to invest your savings or provide a cash sum to your wife, husband or dependant(s) should you die before retirement. You shall commit to make regular contributions for the life of the Plan (and review on a regular basis) as well as keep the Plan invested until you choose to take your retirement benefits.

Questions and Answers

What is a Personal Pension Plan? How flexible is it? Who can have one? How much can I pay in? Where are the contributions invested? How do I claim tax credit? We can help you answer all these questions and more by booking an appointment or by contacting us on +356 21226644. You can also download the Personal Pension Plan (Unit Linked) Key Features Document containing all the information. Terms and Conditions apply.

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