Unione Cattolica San Giuseppe

It is always salutary to be conscious of one's origins.  Such knowledge guides persons and institutions in their everyday quest for a purpose in life and for the means to attain specified objectives. Although both people and organisations must evolve to face ever-changing realities, yet they have to consciously deliberate on the rationale for their existence.  It is only in this way that they can serenely and with vigour continue to chart their future.  One's roots inspire future behaviour thereby projecting substance even when the format becomes at all times contemporary.  

Joseph F. Grima, presents and comments upon the respective vicissitudes that the Unione had to go through. Possibly, these are very similar to those of most upcoming organisations. There is the inspirational drive of a charismatic group of founders balanced by the 'clash' of personalities who are attracted by a common goal,  and the recognition by the civil and ecclesiastical leaders of the good work being carried out.  They must have been far from easy times for the members of the Unione, especially since the undertakings span the personal, social, economic and political areas. And there was the members' drive to promote the Maltese language.  But their exploits stand as a reminder that when a group of people get together, identify a common aim and strive collectively to attain it, the prospects of success are that much greater.  This is especially so, when they are inspired by basic ideas referring to personal dignity and collective support, and identify objectives that merit concerted efforts in their realisation.

Union Cattolica San Giuseppe

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