Exploring the Power of Photography

Exploring the Power of Photography is a three-year undertaking that visually probes three themes from the perspective of a group of photographers. Each year will see the launching of a new calendar, an exhibition and a publication, with the latter focusing on the historical and cultural implications of the theme being considered. On the one hand, participating photographers strive to be thought-provoking, whilst the essay contributors support the visuals with philosophical, ethical and cultural reflections. Each project will hopefully prompt some debate on the role of photography as a medium that chronicles change.

Kevin Casha

The Editor

Photographic artist Kevin Casha is a household name with over 36 years of experience. He’s been awarded the Honorary Life Membership in his capacities as Chairman-founder of the Malta Institute of Professional Photography (MIPP) and past President of the Malta Photographic Society (MPS). Other awards under his belt are the MIPP Photographer of the Year, the Malta Fashion Award for photographers, the MPS Photographer of the Year on four occasions and the Master Photographer Award by the Societies of Great Britain. Gaining a Masters in Contemporary Digital Art from the University of Malta has led Casha to lecture at the Institute of Art and Design, Heritage Malta and other local entities. He is also a much sought after international judge with appointments having seen him at work in the UK, China, Kuwait, Ireland, Lithuania and other countries, culminating in him being chosen as a main judge for the HRH The Prince of Wales’s Commonwealth Environmental Photography Award. He curated the exhibition and publication ‘Out of the Blue’, which were launched during the CHOGM events in Malta. In 2015, Casha collaborated with APS Bank on the exhibition called ‘The Calm Before the Storm’. In the same year, he was honoured ‘Ambassador of Photography’ in Inner Mongolia, China. Wherever he goes, his wish is to teach photography, foster international photographic relations and raise awareness about Maltese photography.

Vanishing Malta

The chosen theme for the year 2016 was Vanishing Malta and aims to ‘freeze’ in time several characteristics that belong to the present or past, interpret them through the eyes of five photographers and thus convey them to all future viewers. The publication presents a collection of photos by Lorraine Abela, Mark Pace, Martin Agius, Anastasia Zhukova Rizzo, Tomoko Goto, and essay contributions by Sergio Muscat and Vincent Zammit edited by Kevin Casha. [Read More]

The Benefits of Art

The Benefits of Art is the second in the series which photographers are sensitised to lend their technical skills and artistic works to convey an annual message to the public. The chosen topic is about Art, as expressed in its various forms which distinguishes the human race from other creatures, space and matter that surround it. Photographers focused on beauty and balance, serenity of nature, immensity of spaces, personal grandeur, or fears and doubts set in sound, vision, movement or a combination of the three. [Read more]

Diversity - Recognising Individuality

Diversity – Recognising Individuality is the third and last instalment of this three year series, which signals the Bank’s commitment to recognising and appreciating the variety of characteristics that give individuals and whole communities their uniqueness. The five chosen photographers focus on the domestic perspective of diversity from a homogeneous lens, with Sita Azzopardi exploring spiritual diversity, Duncan Cauchi capturing diverse character traits, Ondre Camilleri-Gaglione inciting the spirit of collaboration, Richard Farrugia emphasising the diversity of our ecology and Keith Ellul being inspired by how the medium of photography is a reflection of individual experiences and behaviour.. [Read more]


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