Other Initiatives

In recent years, APS Bank has been supporting a number of high calibre cultural and philanthropic initiatives with a view of enhancing the level of local voluntary participation in the respective sectors, thus benefiting the community at large.

The Maltese cultural heritage has always been on top of the Bank’s agenda and this is reflected with various sponsorships including Malta’s Fishing Heritage exhibition by Din l-Art Helwa and the National Pictures Archive being housed at Santo Spirito in Rabat.

Additionally, in line with its policy to promote environmental issues and enable possible implementation of positive environmentally-oriented projects, APS Bank has given a helping hand to a number of voluntary organisations and initiatives including Is-Simar Nature Reserve managed by BirdLife Malta, tree planting events in Gozo and the first international conference on the ‘Management of Coastal Recreational Resource’.

On the religious and philanthropic front, the Bank has given its backing to the Archbishop’s Seminary, the Malta Bible Society and the Cana Movement. RTK radio, especially its annual fund-raising campaign in aid of Id-Dar Tal-Providenza, has been supported by the Bank for a number of consecutive years. The Bank has also reached out to assist Caritas’ Foundation for Victims of Usury and Sir Paul Boffa Hospital in Floriana.

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