A spiritual space for creativity: The Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art Biennale 2015

APS Bank is proud to be the main partner of the Mdina Biennale, a fantastic local celebration of art and creativity. The Bank’s annual concert will open the arts festival on 13 November, which will be followed by a myriad of other events, from art exhibitions to musical performances and fashion shows to lectures spanning over 2 months and lasting until 7 January, 2016. Carrying the theme of ‘Christianity, Spirituality and the Other’, this Biennale is aimed at establishing a stimulating environment in which artists can feel inspired and connect with their beliefs. 




APS Bank in Art

Through various initiatives in the local community, the Bank regularly invests in art and culture initiatives, with a particular focus on enriching the Maltese heritage and giving value to the work of those who are in the process of developing their talents. The Bank has most recently launched the second of a three-part series titled Two Generations of Maltese Artistic Families. The artists featured in this year’s exhibition and complementary book are George & Gilbert Fenech and Joseph & Henriette Mallia. Learn more...




APS Bank in Music

The Bank has also brought to light, through its annual flagship concert, sacred music composed by renowned Maltese composers, some of which date back to the eighteenth century. Moreover, the Bank also provided support for the composition of new local musical works which focus on one of two subjects: the nation’s Catholic religion or its literature. The Bank has also invested in music targeted at a younger audience, which mainly focuses on musical works and nursery rhymes in Maltese. Learn more...



By becoming the Mdina Biennale’s main partner, APS Bank has been a prime mover of one of Malta’s most creatively-charged experiences. For the Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art Biennale 2015 Calendar of Events click here.  


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