Don't get hooked! Look out for Phishing Scams.


What is phishing?

Phishing occurs when someone steals your personal data such as your login details and credit card numbers. The attacker will mask their identity and pose as a trusted entity such as a Bank Manager and will lure you into opening a harmful email, instant message or text message.

Once this message is opened, you will be then encouraged to divulge your personal details, which might be used illegally.

Who can be affected by a phishing attack?


Phishing attacks have recently increased due to the rising number of cyber criminals together with the fact that technology is constantly evolving.

Why should you look out for your emails?

The number one reason phishing attacks are so successful is that users are not sufficiently trained to be suspicious of their incoming emails.

Attackers are also utilising more advanced phishing methods, which means that even you, as you are reading this, should always be at the top of your game and take the necessary precautions once you detect a suspicious email.

How should you avoid phishing scams?

There are many possible ways of spotting a phishing attack. Look out for emails that contain:

  • Wording that is informal or grammatically incorrect – this would show that the message was not vetted prior to sending
  • Requests to enter your full details – something banks will NEVER ask you to do
  • Messages that convey a sense of urgency – these will evoke your immediate response, but think before you respond
  • Messages that ask for personal information – keep in mind that Banks already have your information, so they don’t need you to send it to them again. Any reputable company should never ask you for personal details
  • Non-personalised introductions– Phishing emails are normally sent out in bulk and will not address you by name or surname
  • Suspicious links – before you click on any link, hover your mouse over the top of the URL and if it is different from the one displayed, that message is probably malicious

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