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Sign-up to myAPS

Updated: 14/09/2022

To sign up for this service, you need to be an APS customer. Prepare both your mobile / token and laptop / desktop computer to sign up to myAPS.

Go to on your laptop or desktop computer and click Personal on the top right-hand corner Click Sign Up

OPTION 1 – Activate using myAPS app

Step 1

On your desktop tick Username and Mobile App, unless already selected Enter your Username

Step 2

Download myAPS app on your mobile from Google Play or App Store

Step 3

Open myAPS app
Read the End-User License Agreement and tap I accept

Step 4

Return to your desktop and click Next


OPTION 2 – Activate using the physical token

Read the instruction and click Next

Enter the details as requested
Click Next

A secure code is received via SMS on your mobile
Enter the Secure Code on your desktop
Click Next

If you are new to internet banking create a username containing at least 8 letters and/or numbers (no special characters, such as *)

Click Next

Step 5

CRONTO image (a square containing small coloured dots) will appear on your desktop
Go to myAPS app on your mobile Tap Token followed by Activate Device

Step 6

Tap Allow, followed by Allow to proceed

Step 7

With your mobile scan the CRONTO image on your desktop

Step 8

Set a four digit PIN

Step 9

Re-enter PIN Tap Confirm Tap Log In Now You are now successfully activated

Step 10

On your desktop close the Sign Up window.

You can now start using myAPS internet and mobile banking


Step 1

On your desktop tick Physical Token and click Next

Step 2

Make sure your physical token is handy
Click Next
A CRONTO image (a square containing small coloured dots) will appear on your desktop

Step 3

Switch on the physical token
Scan the image on your desktop

Step 4

Set a four digit PIN for this token, followed by OK
Re-enter PIN followed by OK

Step 5

When the PIN is successful an 11-digit number will appear
Input this number on your desktop
Press Done on your token
Press Next on your desktop

Step 6

The second CRONTO image appears on your desktop and this means it was successful
Press Yes on your token, followed by Continue

Step 7

Scan the second CRONTO image
You are successfully activated

Step 8

On the token, press Done followed by Continue
Close the sign up window on your desktop
You can now start using myAPS internet banking

To continue choose between:

OPTION 1 – Activate using the mobile app or OPTION 2 – Activate using the physical token (scroll further down to view these instructions)

Any questions?

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