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At APS Bank plc we help you identify your investment needs by offering you a free financial planning service.

Financial planning helps you:

  • Make the most of your money
  • Sort out your priorities
  • Work towards long-term goals, allowing you to carry them out as and when you can afford it
  • Find the right products to meet your needs
  • Be prepared for unexpected financial shocks, such as illness or losing your job
  • Through the process we help you

Identify and prioritise your goals

Everyone is different, so everyone has different financial goals. But at any stage of life, we tend to have similar goals

Check your resources

Current income, capital and other existing investments

Find products which meet your needs

What you can afford, your tax position, your attitude to risk, timescale required and your state of health

Choose the right companies

There are usually many companies to choose from and often hundreds of products.  This can be complicated

Review your plan regularly

As your life and the world around you change, your financial plan will need to adjust and adapt
Our Investment Services Officers will go through the process with the clients and the appropriate products are identified and the key features explained to the clients.  The clients then are in better position to decide which solution presented fits best their needs. 

Furthermore professional financial advice is also available from all the Bank's branches.

APS Bank Ltd offers a wide range of investment products and tools to cater for different lifestyles, different age groups and individual needs and risk profiles.  Due to the confidentiality of the matter and to avoid waiting, it is highly recommended that you contact the branch to fix an appointment.

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