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APS talk about ‘Emotional Intelligence at the workplace’



Caroline Cassar Reynaud presenting at the ninth APS Talk

For the first year anniversary of APS Talks series, “Emotional Intelligence at the workplace” was the theme of the evening. The presentation was delivered by Caroline Cassar Reynaud, who graduated from the University of Malta with a BA (Hons) Management and later obtained an MSc in Leadership & Organisation from Dublin City University. Caroline is Talent Leader at Deloitte Malta and is currently completing her certification in Deloitte Business Chemistry - a tool to assist individuals in adapting behaviours within the work place to enhance business relationships.

The talk illustrated the importance of key skills for today’s leaders and how necessary it is to apply these skills when leading teams. The focus was on taking a deeper dive into Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Motivation, Empathy as well as Social Skills.  The Talk also provided participants with an opportunity to focus on self-awareness through a questionnaire where they could assess their own Emotional Intelligence against market research data that Mrs Cassar Reynaud commented. 



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