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APS Bank launches ‘Green Space’ at the University of Malta


Prof. Alfred J. Vella and Mr Marcel Cassar

 Professor Alfred J. Vella, Rector and Marcel Cassar, APS Bank CEO launching the ‘Green Space’

APS Bank has continued its collaboration with the University of Malta with the launching of the ‘Green Space’. This latest project was inaugurated on Monday 8th October, 2018 by Marcel Cassar, APS Bank CEO and Professor Alfred J. Vella, Rector, in the presence of representatives from the Bank and the University who worked on the task. 

The ‘Green Space’ represents the transformation of the Porta-Cabin facility into a multipurpose space where students can have a break, gather and relax, allowing them to better cope with the demands of their studies. In line with its green objectives, APS Bank has wrapped the Porta-Cabin in an image that depicts the beauty of the Maltese countryside at its best.

Mr Cassar commented: “The ‘Green Space’ is just one way of expressing our support to the University in its efforts to promote greater environmental and sustainability awareness amongst the student community. It also sends the message that the return derived from space is not necessarily an immediate, monetary one that is measured in terms of business generated - but there is a longer term return measured on the basis of benefit to students and value to the community at large.“    

Prof. Vella commented: “This small space mimics a green area, granted without the fragrance of flowers, but with visuals that remind one of plant life. Inside, it offers effective comforts that should attract users.  We hope students will adopt this informal space and make it one of their favourite spots where they can relax or meet to exchange views and ideas or read a book or continue a social media chat line.”

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