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First staff ‘townhall’ for 2018 at APS Bank



The robust, all-round performance in 2017 and plans unfolding for 2018 were covered at the first of this year’s quarterly staff meetings held at the Radisson Blu Resort St Julian’s on Friday, 23rd February.

The 350-strong audience attended to a presentation by CEO Marcel Cassar which gave an overview of the main elements needed for the Bank to keep the momentum in an environment of fast-paced business growth.

The presentation covered the new product pipeline, upgrades in services and technology, focus on risk, compliance and cybersecurity and the transformation of branches and other Bank facilities.

The plans to attract and preserve quality talent to cater for an ever-increasing APS Bank customer base were also covered. Staff were also briefed about the preparations that have started for the 2019-2021 strategic plan and the CSR focus for 2018, namely gender diversity, financial literacy as well as the environment and sustainability, areas which “are core to our values and ethos”.

Chairman Frederick Mifsud Bonnici closed the event, encouraging all staff to always “aspire to higher levels of quality” and to “keep the customers at the centre of our activity, which must always be conducted with the highest integrity”.

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