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Celebrating staff’s academic achievements at APS Bank


The achievements of 22 APS Bank staff members who recently graduated or were conferred with higher qualifications, were recognised at the Bank’s latest offsite Quarterly Management Meeting.

APS Bank staff members who graduated

From left to right (Back row):  Annabelle Gatt, Jeremy Noah Agius, Monique Scerri, Jael Busuttil, Marcel Cassar, Ricky Camilleri, Daniela Mangion, Karl Formosa, (Front row): Alison Farrugia, Rosalie Grech, Maria Victoria Farrugia, Sarah Marie Mifsud, Michelle Baldacchino,  Bernice Sant, Antonella Tabone, Shana Micallef.

The graduates who were conferred with degrees are:

Buckinghamshire New University

MSc Organisational Resilience

•    Michelle Baldacchino

London Institute of Banking & Finance

BSc (Hons) in Banking Practice and Management

•    Jeremy Noah Agius

CFA Institute

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

•    Karl Formosa

University of London

MSc in Information Security

•    Shana Micallef

BSc (Hons) in Computer Information Systems

•    Christian Cortis

BSc (Hons) in Economics and Management

•    Maria Victoria Farrugia

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

•    Daniela Mangion

University of Malta

BCom in Banking and Finance and Economics

•    Sarah Marie Mifsud

BCom (Hons) in Banking and Finance

•    Bernice Sant
•    Aidan Falzon
•    Daniel Grech
•    Luana Mifsud
•    Marylise Cassar
•    Andrea Caruana
•    Rosalie Grech
•    Jean Karl Bianchi

BSc (Hons) in Banking and Finance and Mathematics

•    Antonella Tabone

BA (Hons) in Social Policy

•    Monique Scerri

BCom (Hons) in Social Policy

•    Ricky Camilleri

BSc (Hons) in Human Language Technology

•    Anabelle Gatt
•    Alison Farrugia
•    Jael Busuttil

At the brief ceremony held on Friday, 1st December, 2017, CEO Marcel Cassar commented: “These achievements are the fruit of the commitment that these staff members make towards their professional development. APS Bank is proud that about half its workforce holds at least a first degree or higher and, as an employer of choice, will keep providing its people with opportunities to build their skills and broaden their expertise”.

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