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Next APS talk announced – Beyond GDP

23/11/2020 09:00:00



The next APS talk to be held 26 November, will cover the topic, Beyond GDP - A framework to gauge Malta's success through quality of life.

For years, the success of societies has been measured using one headline figure, that of GDP. Yet, so much of what is important to societies’ well-being, including health, clean air, proper housing, steady jobs, equality, lies outside this standard measure. It is within this context that the Justice and Peace Commission, alongside the Focolare Movement and Centesimus Annus Pro Pontifice Foundation, supported by EY Malta and Seed Consultancy, have proposed a report outlining the framework, which looks at the success of a country through a combination of socio-economic factors, and thereby going ‘Beyond GDP'.

The talk will discuss how this report came into being, as well as the major findings in terms of socio-economic indicators which characterise Malta. Moreover, the talk will delve into how the report can be taken forward, from being a simple study, to becoming an actual blueprint of a framework to be used nationally in the years to come.

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