Kapital Plus

The APS Kapital Plus Deposit Account is a capital guaranteed, limited offer, eight-year deposit account which is denominated in Euro. The account will pay a regular income of 0.70% per annum plus the opportunity to earn a potential additional bonus on the deposit maturity date. The additional bonus payment is linked to the performance of the Finvex Ethical Efficient Europe 30 (Bloomberg: FEEURE). The full capital is guaranteed by APS Bank Limited.

APS Kapital Plus April 2017

Deposit features at a glance

  • Limited offer combining the potential for stock market growth with the stability of a fixed term deposit
  • Minimum deposit of €2000
  • Eight-year term deposit
  • No initial or annual charges
  • Regular interest of 0.70% (gross) per annum which is paid annually on each anniversary date
  • A potential additional bonus as per terms and conditions
  • The capital and the regular interest are guaranteed by APS Bank Limited


Potential Additional Bonus

The payment of an additional bonus is linked to the performance of the Finvex Ethical Efficient Europe 30 Index. The bonus is capped up to a maximum of 32% depending on the performance of the Index over the eight-year term. The Key Features Document, available from all our branches, clearly illustrates how the bonus is calculated and the terms and conditions applicable thereto.

The Underlying Index - Finvex Ethical Efficient Europe 30 Index (Bloomberg: FEEURE)

Finvex Ethical Efficient Europe 30 Index

The Finvex Ethical Efficient Europe 30 Index (the "Index") is designed to reflect the performance of a dynamic portfolio of thirty equally weighted equity securities (each, a "Stock" and together, the "Stocks") listed on various Europe-wide exchanges. The Index has been developed independently by Finvex Group ("Finvex"). The thirty Stocks are selected on a monthly basis from a sustainable and ethical investment universe, delivered by oekom research using a best-in-class approach, which respects an overall strong oekom Corporate Rating (oekom Prime Status), while excluding companies which violate a specific ethical exclusion filter. More information on the mechanism of the Index can be found on: www.finvex.com/feeure


Important Information
Strike Date / First Valuation Date Official closing price of Finvex Ethical Efficient Europe 30 Index, 29th May 2017
Deposit Start Date 2nd May 2017
Final Valuation Date 29th May 2025
Deposit Maturity Date 12th June 2025


Questions and Answers

How does the APS Kapital Plus Account compare with an ordinary deposit account? Are there any charges? What information will APS Bank Limited provide me with? What should I do if I want to avail myself of this offer or require further information? Feel free to contact us to help you answer all these questions and more.

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