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At APS bank, we are very well-known for our Home Loans which offer very competitive packages tailor-made to meet the unique requirements of our diverse customers.

APS Bank offers one of the best home loan rates in Malta offering a customised financial package built on your needs which can also be bundled other banking services thanks to our APlus account. Whether you are looking to buy your residential home or want to calculate your home loan repayments, we can help. We are fully aware that your needs evolve as you go through the different stages in your life, which is exactly why we offer a number of products specifically designed to accommodate your needs. Through our different APS Home Financing Solutions, you will be able to buy a plot of land or a property in shell form, buy a finished property (that is ready to move into), renovate or upgrade your present property, buy an additional residential property for your own use, re-finance your home loan from another bank, and purchase a property in Malta (applicable to non-resident individuals).

Home Loan Packages


Buy your new home or a plot of land, renovate or upgrade your present home, finance the finishings in your present home or invest in a summer residence with our Home Loan Packages. Switching with APS Bank is also easy and packages can be tailor-made according to your requirements. Check out all the details about our Home Loan Packages by clicking here.

APlus Account


Combine your home loan with a bank account of yours, and save money on bank fees. Manage one single account through the APS internet banking. Check out all the details about APlus here.

Buy-to-Let Loan

The Buy-to-Let Loan provides you with the required finance to purchase an investment property with the intention to rent it out. Check out all the details about our Buy-to-Let loan by clicking here.



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Questions and Answers

Booking an appointment is easy, just click on the button below to set up your appointment and we will get back to you soon after to confirm your meeting. APS Bank staff members will assist you in taking the right decisions that are in your own best interest. You can also check our home loan calculator in order to get an idea on the home loan amount you are entitled to (please note that this is an estimate; a detailed quotation will be provided upon visiting one of our branches). Click below to download the Home Financing Solutions brochures (which includes a Frequently Asked Questions section). Terms and Conditions apply and are availble on request.

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