Home Deposit Scheme

The Home Deposit Scheme provides financial help to individuals and couples, between the ages of 21 and 39, who are eligible for a home loan but do not have the funds to pay the 10% deposit needed at the promise of sale signing.

Applicants need to satisfy the following criteria, in order to be eligible for this Scheme:

  • Be employed on a full-time basis
  • Between 21 and 39 years of age
  • Have not more than €17,500 in liquid assets
  • Fall within one of the categories below
Categories Yearly salary
Single applicant, 21 - 30 years Between €19,000 and €25,000
Single applicant, 31 – 39 years Between €25,000 and €35,000
Couple applicants, 21 – 39 years Between €19,000 and €35,000 combined

The loan will be split into a home loan covering 90% financing (up to €157,500) at a favourable interest rate and a personal loan covering 10% financing (up to €17,500) at 0% interest for the customer, which will also be guaranteed by the Housing Authority.

What’s next?

Interested applicants may find more information on the Home Deposit Scheme here and are invited to direct any queries to the Housing Authority on scheme.ha@ha.gov.mt or call on 22991120 / 79646064.

When submitting the application, which can be downloaded from here, the loan quotation from the Bank needs to be included therefore, we recommend you also set an appointment at your nearest APS branch by completing the contact form on this page.

The Home Deposit Scheme is brought to you by APS Bank in collaboration with the Ministry for Social Accommodation and the Housing Authority.

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