COVID-19 Information Page


COVID-19 Information Page


The safety of our community is our top priority.

As of the 26th October 2020, we introduced several measures to ensure our customers and team are safe during these trying times. With the introduction of these measures, you can continue accessing everyday banking services conveniently and easily.

As a preventive measure against the spread of COVID-19, customers aged 60+ and EU Disability holders are given priority on Mon to Fri between 08:30 and 09:30.

We strongly encourage customers to use the myAPS internet and mobile banking, as well as ATMs and Deposit Machines available at our branches.

Our priority is to ensure you can continue accessing all everyday banking services conveniently and easily while staying safe.

We'll pull through - let's get it right, together!

Deposit Machines available 24/7

For cheque and cash deposits, please use the Deposit Machines located at our branches.

Withdraw up to €1000 from APS or other local banks’ ATMs

Please only use the ATM for cash withdrawals of up €1000 daily. With the new APS VISA debit cards benefit from up to 4 free withdrawals a month from all local banks’ ATMs and unlimited free withdrawals from the APS ATMs.

Request loan drawdowns anytime, anywhere

Request loan drawdowns via the myAPS internet and mobile banking message hub anytime, anywhere. All bank drafts will be sent to our customers by post.

Meet us virtually from the comfort of your home

Meet us virtually through Microsoft Teams from the safety of your home.

myAPS anytime, anywhere for your everyday banking

Use myAPS internet and mobile banking for simple and convenient everyday banking. Access myAPS anytime, anywhere.

Deposit and withdraw with your APS debit card

With your APS card you can make contactless payments, carry out deposits 24/7 at the Deposit Machines and benefit from up to 4 free withdrawals a month from all local banks’ ATMs plus unlimited free withdrawals from the APS ATMs located across Malta.

Our Contact Centre is ready to help on 2122 6644

Our Contact Centre team is just a call away to assist with all your banking queries. Call on 2122 6644 from Mon to Sat, 08:00 to 20:00.

Other measures

  • In line with the Government’s instructions, customers visiting our Branches are kindly requested to wear a mask or visor. Doing so will contribute to your safety and the safety of our staff. Kindly note that any customers attending our branches may be asked to temporarily remove their mask to show their face to the camera for security purposes.
  • A limited number of customers are allowed inside our branches at the same time. Kindly wait at the front door until assisted.
  • We are ensuring that a safe distance between each customer is maintained, by limiting the number of customers permitted to enter the branch at any one time. Please be advised that customers may be required to queue outside of the branch.
  • A survival kit to support business customers during these trying times was launched on 24 April 2020. Click here to learn more about the APS Jet Pack.


The above measures are subject to change at any time; as such, we recommend that you regularly check this page for any further developments or changes to the above.

Should you need to reach us, you may still call our Contact Centre from 08:00 to 20:00 Monday to Saturday (excluding any Public Holidays). Our APS colleagues are working hard helping customers, which means our phone lines may be busier than usual. Therefore, if you do call, we kindly ask you to bear with us as waiting times are likely to be longer than usual.

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