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CEO's Notes


This blog comes to life on 1 July 2017, exactly 18 months since I took over as CEO of APS Bank.

By having this section on our corporate site, as well as on 'Insight', the intranet facility for our 300+ staff, we are aiming to achieve the following:

1. Connecting
We are a bank on an exciting trajectory of growth. As we grow bigger, we want to strengthen connectivity and communication - so a blog could be handy. We want to build better bonding - through sharing with our customers, employees, partners and many other stakeholders.

2. Culture
We aim to spread an authentic corporate culture to help others understand us more. This should help us portray our business, industry and regulatory environment in a way that is 'more fun'. The end result being one of communicating our culture and values better.

3. Leadership
By sharing our thoughts and opinions on the industry, we aim to be a trusted resource that is well regarded. We will do so by narrating our stories and experience on various topics where we have competence and able to build thought-leadership.

4. Branding
By producing and delivering content that attracts certain followings and audiences, we aim to develop the desired brand image for APS Bank. We will educate and talk in a business-centric way, communicating our ideas through actions as well as words.

Please follow my posts and join me on this journey with your feedback.


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