Bank's Objectives

Over the past 100 years APS Bank has seen a gradual change in both its operational as well as its commercial perspective.  Profitability is seen as crucial for the Bank to implement its various social commitments covering diverse initiatives which have turned this Bank into Malta’s leading community bank.

We aim to position ourselves better within our community in order to enable accessibility.  However this does not imply that we aim to open branches in every locality throughout Malta and Gozo.  In this day and age, access and market orientation can be achieved through various other means.

Staff members are constantly encouraged and trained in order to deliver a service.  No bank can boast that it owes its existence to the presence of the community at large when the wants and needs of the same target audience are not fulfilled.

There is no reason to expect APS Bank not to be present where it matters most, namely among people - irrespective of whether these are on their way to withdraw or deposit funds or else requesting financial assistance to enable individuals or a group of such individuals to ensure a better livelihood for themselves or for others through voluntary work; not only in Malta but also in depleted areas abroad.

APS Bank is very entrepreneurial and forward looking but simultaneously very cautious and selective about the way it carries on its activity as well as the type of business it embraces in its fold.  There are ethical issues that deprive the Bank from considering specific market segments such as gaming.  On the other hand, APS Bank very much promotes and supports commercial initiatives which consider important issues to the public at large such as the environment and youth development.

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