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APS Funds SICAV Plc was incorporated in 2008 and is licensed by the MFSA as a collective investment scheme. The mission of APS Funds SICAV, through its team of dedicated professionals, is to provide its clients with a low cost and efficient investment solution with an overriding commitment to investment performance. APS Bank Ltd is the investment manager for all funds issued by APS funds SICAV Plc.

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The APS Income Fund provides an adequate level of income and capital growth in euro without compromising the stability of the portfolio. Investments are mainly in Government bonds and local corporate bonds on the Malta Stock Exchange. To a limited extent, the Fund may also invest in international debt and equity securities.

This is a low to medium risk investment aimed at those investors who want a moderate degree of risk and expect regular income together with the potential of capital growth. Investments are mainly in Government bonds and local corporate bonds on the Malta Stock Exchange. The Fund may also invest up to 25% in local and foreign equities. The current Fund Manager assigned by the Investment Manager is APS Bank Ltd. [Read more]

_ The APS Regular Income Ethical Fund is aimed at investors who seek regular income at levels that are normally higher than conventional bank deposits. The Fund merges the possibility of earning good returns whilst adhering to ethical values which benefit the environment and society at large. The Fund is positioned within the medium risk category, taking a balanced investment approach with a greater focus on income paying instruments. [Read more]








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