AgriPlus Loan

AgriPlus Loan


AgriPlus provides direct financial assistance to farmers in order to assist them in improving their farming activities. This assistance takes the form of sustaining both working capital and long-term capital expenditure requirements and may take the form of a loan, overdraft, one-account, or a combination of the above.

Loan - An AgriPlus loan is intended to provide the necessary financial resources required by the farmer to acquire fixed assets in order to improve the farm’s operating activities in terms of efficiency, compliance as well as business expansion.

Overdraft - The AgriPlus overdraft facility provides the farmer with the necessary working capital required to bridge short-term cash flow shortages, arising from a mismatch between inflows and outflows.

One-Account – This is a combination of the AgriPlus loan and the AgriPlus overdraft, aimed at addressing both working capital and long-term investment requirements, through one borrowing facility. The One-Account concept provides flexibility with the key benefit of saving on interest payments, by routing all income and business takings into this account, thereby reducing the daily debit balances and hence saving in terms of debit interest charged on daily debit balances.

You can borrow up to a maximum of €350,000, provided that:

        - the borrowing amount will not exceed 80% of the total investment required;
        - annual banking commitments will not exceed 30% of income;
        - the term of the AgriPlus Loan or AgriPlus One-Account will not exceed 20 years.

The Bank follows established banking practice when evaluating the impact that such investment would have on your business and the feasibility of total banking commitments.


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