Art Exhibitions 2011-2013

A three-year project that aimed to bring together the talents of twelve Maltese artists, it combined experience enriched through steadfastness of ideal and experimentation in various media, with the zeal of the upcoming generation that seeks to express its views of the world and humanity in its own figurative idiom. The project itself represented one element in a wider array of initiatives that span the rich tapestry of Malta’s heritage in literature, music, photography, painting and sculpture in their diverse forms.

Art Exhibtion 2013

The exhibition featured various works of art using different media such as acrylics, fired clay, water colours and conte. The four artists, Gilbert Calleja, Jeni Caruana, Mario Sammut and Charmaine Zammit, offered a taste of contemporary art, which also communicate their individual experience.

Art Exhibition Catalogue - PDF Version

Art Exhibtion 2012

In this second exhibition in the series, we met Raymond Azzopardi work on sculptures made with different kinds of wood, Charles Cassar exploration of the expressive powers and potential of painting, Anna Grima and her figurative paintings and Valerio Schembri paradox between two opposites ‘being’ and ‘appearing’ expressed through ceramic sculptures.

Art Exhibition Catalogue - PDF Version

Art Exhibtion 2011

The exhibition was curated by Dr. Louis Laganà and showcased selected works from four different artists. The pieces included water colours by Jacqeuline Agius, sculptures by the late Joseph Casha, oil and acrylic paintings by Liz Denaro and glass sculptures by Walter Vella.

Art Exhibition Catalogue - PDF Version
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