Other Art Activities

APS Bank considers the support it gives to creative artists to be an integral part of its existence. It sees such activity as an expression of the ideals its founders had in the arts as an instrument of human fulfilment. It tries to interpret such support not by directly involving itself in distinct projects but by collaborating with different individuals or entities which have at heart the development of a particular cultural field.During the past years, APS Bank has sponsored various artistic exhibitions.

St. Francis of Paola - Mattia Preti oil-on-canvas painting  

The Bank has purchased a rediscovered Mattia Preti oil-on-canvas painting showing ‘St. Francis of Paola’. The painting measuring 71 cms by 58 cms, is considered a fine example of Preti’s late austere style in which the devout artist concentrates all his forces on spiritual concerns, eschewing the distractions of colours. The painting, which is in very good condition, is being exhibited at the Mdina Cathedral Museum.

Biennale di Firenze  

The Bank has made possible the participation of local artists in the ‘Biennale di Firenze’, the world’s largest artist sponsored exhibition attended by nearly one thousand participants from around the world. Furthermore, Christopher Saliba was able to hold his 10th personal art show entitled ‘Introspections’ at the Auberge d’Italiewith the backing of the Bank.

Contemporary Christian Art Exhibition

The well-established Contemporary Christian Art exhibition has also been sponsored by the Bank for a number of consecutive years, thus offering artists with opportunities to present their work, and in doing so also promoting creativity and enhancing public appreciation in this regard.

Malta A.D. 60 - Pauline Year Photographic Exhibition

The Bank has also sponsored the Malta A.D. 60 - Pauline Year Photographic Exhibition, consisting of forty-five prints representing the natural and cultural landscapes of the Maltese islands. Each image was a liberal reinterpretation of verses taken from Chapters 27 and 28 of the Acts of the Apostles, and illustrated the fateful voyage of St. Paul to Malta. The photos were taken from stock library of Magister Images and were the works of Peter Paul Barbara.

Friends of St. Luke’s Foundation Exhibition

APS Bank has also sponsored the exhibition organised by the philanthropic association ‘Friends of St. Luke’s Foundation’ which consisted of various types of paintings by established local and foreign artists mainly depicting Birgu (also known as Citta’ Vittoriosa), its history and environs.

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