APS Summer Festival 2022

We are excited to bring to you the third edition of the APS Summer Festival! Under the artistic direction of Annalisa Schembri and in celebration of diversity and the magic of live entertainment, the Festival presents a line-up of acts and performances by headline artists. This year’s APS Summer Festival will be held between 20 and 31 July 2022 at the University of Malta campus quadrangle in Msida.


Festival audience 16+. Under 16 to be accompanied by an adult.


Early bird tickets at €15 via promo code: EARLYAPS


Normal ticket at €20






20:30 - 21:45 (75 mins)


Beangrowers Live in Concert


Local indie-rock heroes, Beangrowers, will be back on stage this summer to perform a mix of songs from their previous albums, as well as some newer tunes from their most recent EP, "Dystopia" released in late 2019.

After a pause from live performances for the past couple of years, the trio is excited to bring back some raw, indie-rock to life at the APS Summer Festival.



20:30 - 21:45 (75 mins)


PUERTO FLAMENCO ‘Entre Nosotros’


Coming straight from Seville to the APS Summer Festival stage is an authentic Flamenco show by PUERTO FLAMENCO. Directors Francesca ‘La Chica’ Grima and Andrej Vujicic have been immersed in the top ranks of the Seville flamenco scene for over two decades now, performing regularly at local tablaos and theatres, as well as having a busy touring schedule at prestigious festivals and venues internationally. The company’s unrestrained energy, raw emotion and commanding virtuosity has caused overwhelming responses from international audiences and reviewers alike.

Over the years PUERTO FLAMENCO have developed long lasting friendships and collaborations with a number of artists from Andalusia, and this year they are presenting Entre Nosotros - Between Us - a more compact, raw and spontaneous performance utilising all the knowledge and understanding of the genre that developed over decades of working together. Being an authentic flamenco show, it will constitute a unique improvised work, a rare gem in today's world of overproduced performances.




20:30 - 22:00 (90 mins)


The New Victorians Live in Concert


Fresh from their pre-launch performance of their latest full length album THICK SKIN, The New Victorians join the APS Summer Festival stage to perform an Exclusive Live Album Set that also includes their greatest hits and audience favourite tracks to date. The New Victorians will be joined on stage by their trusted session musicians; Pete Farrugia on drums and percussion, Sean Borg on violin and Laetitia Troisi De Menville on harp, exclusively for this concert.

Joining The New Victorians for a pre-show warm-up set are a number of upcoming, all female artists including Hannah, Jolen Samhan and Ceci & Kris.



20:30 - 21:30 (60 mins)



Qamar | Qabar Poetry in Sight & Sound


With visual interventions using objects and light from Austin Camilleri, to the live music from Alex Vella Gregory and Simon Abdilla Joslin and the captivating voice of Miriam Cauchi, Qamar | Qabar brings a one of a kind performance, created exclusively for the APS Summer Festival.

Life is full of cycles. Our existence is based on the perpetual regeneration of natural and human cycles. Even Art is not immune to cycles as with each performance or viewing we re-engage with a work of art, imbuing it with new meaning. Taking Vella Gregory’s song cycle Mill-Qamar sal-Qabar as its starting point, this performance celebrates these life cycles.

Composer Alex Vella Gregory, has teamed up with visual artist Austin Camilleri, soprano Miriam Cauchi, and cellist Simon Abdilla Joslin, to create this unique project where poetry, music, and visual art come together as one. Austin Camilleri's work explores the transience of these cycles by creating a visual environment that brings together light, video and sculptural objects.

The resulting work will see Maltese poetry from across the ages, contemporary music, and contemporary visual art come together in this one exclusive performance.



20:30 - 21:30 (60 mins)



Kantera Live in concert


They’re the freshest musical take on Maltese culture and Maltese language. Kantera are joining the APS Summer Festival stage for a night of music-filled-energy and a magical atmosphere that will get you dancing even to their new material.

Fresh from their participation and second place at this year’s Muzika Muzika Festival with Tkun l’hawn Ghaddi Kantera’s music is the intertwining of both traditional Maltese instruments as well as modern electronic ones.

The band started out in 2021, working on material that wanted to merge traditional Maltese instruments and more modern ones and they’ve had an incredible journey so far, with great audience feedback that helped them become one of the most interesting upcoming bands on the local scene.

Kantera created a new sound that also presents the Maltese language as being a progressive living language, rather than a language that is traditionally associated with the past. Emotions play a crucial role in this context, and therefore Kantera’s content gives priority to cheerful and joyful sounds that have come to be associated with their music.



Children’s Festival Evening


Sensory Friendly

3 different shows


18:30 - 19:15 (45 mins)

0-3 yrs (recommended age)


The New Neighbour

19:30 - 20:15 (45 mins)

4-8 yrs (recommended age)


Let’s Create a Story

20:30 - 21:15 (45 mins)

9-11 yrs (recommended age)



Commissioned specifically to be developed for the APS Summer Festival and created by Analise Mifsud and Mirko Galea, Chromatopia is a new baby show on the local scene.

Chromatopia is a story about tolerance and the act of peace-making, recounted in mime by the use of colour and music. This production will feature 5 characters in their quest to live in harmony as one.

Chromatopia is a light-hearted short show directed towards young children between the ages of 0 to 3. The show will feature live music, coloured lights, actors and plenty of interactivity with the audience.

We are very happy to host this project during this year’s edition of the Festival, even because it is important for the APS Summer Festival to contribute to the development of new content to the repertoire of works created for this age group in Malta.

The New Neighbour

Produced and Developed by More or Less Theatre, The New Neighbour is all about the story of twin siblings Mandy and Marco, who meet their strange new neighbour Bo, who comes from the underwater city of Bloob.

This gentle story is told through puppetry and celebrates diversity and equality, while also tackling immigration and environmental impact. The focus is chiefly on the future and how children of all cultures will need to work together when they grow up so as to ensure that our world will be a safe place for them to live in. The New Neighbour also highlights the importance of safeguarding our environment. Come join the show of weird and wonderful puppets and actors that slowly learn to accept and cooperate with one another.

Let’s Create a Story

The fun and talented duo Sean Briffa and Jeremy Grech take over the APS Summer Festival Stage to bring to our younger audience an interactive theatre show.

The festival is here once again, but some spent too much time enjoying the sun and did not prepare a thing! Based on audience engagement, interaction and the art of improvisation, Sean and Jeremy grabbed everything they could find; costumes, wigs, props, puppets; they forgot only one thing - a STORY!

That's why they need the audience, not only to come see the show, but to help them build it with their own ideas. There are no wrong answers here and No idea is too weird - from disoriented dragons, epic sword fights, and monster princesses, whoever steps on stage is only limited by the audience imagination.



20:30 - 22:00 (90 mins)



Walter Micallef | SKALD live in concert


Walter Micallef

Considered to be one of the treats of this Festival, singer-songwriter Walter Micallef comes back to Malta for a one unique performance this Summer. He will take the stage first, on this double bill night to perform songs written over the years, which many can relate to.

Walter Micallef’s concert will feature a variety of original songs in Maltese ranging from love songs, like Min Hi, where friends ask Walter about the reason behind his smile; Il-Kejl, where the stars and heartbeat are used to measure one's love; and M'jien Xejn a song with a twist at the end, revealing the song is not about a woman but about Malta.

The performance will also include the 2 songs Walter wrote for his 2 children Bix-Xemx waraja and Hanini - both delicate and touching songs, very dear to the singer-songwriter himself, songs about domestic violence notably Siehbi fil-cupboard tal-kcina with very strong and touching lyrics about a young child escaping abuse and also protest songs particularly Lil Malta - A lament about the rape and destruction of this country.


Taking centre stage, right after Walter Micallef are local contemporary folk band SKALD.

SKALD are a quintet formed by five local musicians with a passion for the native Maltese language and musical traditions.

The musical line-up includes classic and acoustic guitars, electric and acoustic bass, violin, vocal and an array of percussion instruments. The band’s style may be loosely termed as contemporary folk with a fusion of blues, flamenco, jazz, world music, flok, country and traditional Maltese folk music. The name SKALD derives from the literal Maltese word for splinter. However, it also translates to the ancient Scandinavian word for a composer who recites poems and hymns honouring heroes and their accomplishments.

Following their album launch of last year, SKALD are performing works from the album KURA as well as new material which includes their latest single Azzar, performed live in concert for the first time at the APS Summer Festival, together with other interpretations and original music the band has been working on over the past months in preparation for their follow-up album.



20:30 - 22:30 (120 mins)


Sineddoki | Synecdoche


Sineddoki | Synecdoche is a figure of speech by which a part is put for the whole and the whole for a part. And this is exactly what this particular Festival evening is all about.

Taking centre stage are the parts for the whole and the whole for the parts of our local communities and our upcoming talent: Refugee artists, final year students from the MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts and the University of Malta School of Performing Arts.

MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts Performances:


Giulietta is a performance set in the form of an interactive audition, inspired by Shakespeare's Juliet in Romeo & Juliet. Through its new setting and the originality of the script, it explores the relationship between contemporary women and society. What would a nowadays Giulietta say?

Counting Down:

Counting Down is a dance performance exploring the theme of political, social, and environmental injustice. The two dancers are accompanied by a bilingual narration to emphasise the performance's dramaturgy.

Refugee Week Malta:

Fresh from the Refugee Week Malta, a few refugee artists will join the APS Summer Festival stage, as they tour their creative content to new audiences, to inspire with and share their stories of home and hope, connection and contribution to our local communities.

University of Malta School of Performing Arts Performances:

Pearls of Malta – SPA Alumni Collective:

Students and alumni from the School of Performing Arts return to the APS Summer Festival stage for the second year running, to stage a performance of dance and music from emerging talents of the School of Performing Arts of the University of Malta. ‘Pearls of Malta’ presents energetic, physical, and provocative performances of the recent generation of graduates. Pearls are much admired and sought after precious gems of the sea. They are difficult to find. ‘Pearls of Malta’ draws on the idea of searching for the precious stone to bring together a show that will uncover Malta-based performers.

The show will make audiences discover the unique individual voices of this new generation of artists. The show is curated and directed by Paula Guzzanti, Argentinean choreographer & scholar, resident academic University of Malta.



20:30 - 22:30 (120 mins)


Cushion | ManaTapu live in concert



Taking centre stage first, on this double bill night for the APS Summer Festival is a new, local fusion band on the scene Cushion.

Cushion is an ensemble of cosmopolitan sounds with predominant Indian sounds. The band plays on a very interesting fusion of western and eastern music with dominant sitar licks and eastern inclinations on vocal threads. During this live performance, professional dance choreographies and established local singers Nadine Axisa, Julie Pomorski, Analise Cassar and Fiona Cauchi will entertain the audience.

The main influences of Cushion come from a fusion of music genres including Ravi Shankar, Masaladosa, Anoushka Shankar, Hans Zimmer, Niladri Kumar, Rush, Bonobo, Lab’s Cloud, Jean Michel Jarre, Bob Marley and Prem Joshua. Apart from performing around the Maltese Islands during festivals, Cushion have also performed live in Northern Cyprus at the Naci Talat Festival.

ManaTapu Live

Taking over from Cushion, in this Festival’s double bill night are the powerfully talented local band ManaTapu, performing music from their latest album Tuatara and their brand new EP release in June 2022 called Rastaccun, celebrating a new sound which was formed during long hours of songwriting during the pandemic.

Deeply rooted in Reggae and Ska, the band’s voice is a fusion with other sounds such as Funk, Blues, Rock, Punk, Hip-Hop, Latino style, and even polka. This mesh of sounds comes together within the band’s dynamic and the international variance in the music of ManaTapu which combines 4 languages: lyrics go from English to Maltese, Spanish to French.

The band’s variety is cemented in local cultures where their multicultural influences mould together to create a highly energetic performance to generate massive audience reaction when they play. As ambassadors for the local music scene, ManaTapu are one of the most sought-after live acts on the island and are best known for their crowd pumping sound and contagiously energetic shows.



20:30 - 22:00 (90 mins)



Gaetano Kanta: Kanzunetti Mhux tas-Soldi!


This Festival evening is celebrating creative innovation and the love for music paired to the Maltese language.

Those who remember the ongoing outpour of Italian and English songs coming through their Rediffusion sets will likely also remember Gaetano Buttigieg, popularly known as Gaetano Kanta, who had the extraordinary ability to adapt that music to the Maltese language. His lyrics were not a direct translation of the original, but documented the salient social events of the 50s and 60s.

This musical theatre production is presented by l-Ahwa Bezzina - siblings Dorothy, Samaria, Gianluca, Paul, Joseph, Vincienne, and Francesca Bezzina, accompanied by a live band led by Edward Mifsud and will feature numbers from Gaetano Kanta’s varied musical repertoire.

While seeking to recount Malta’s social history through song, it will revive the memories of a mature audience and take it back in time – but for many, this material will be a first-time revelation brought back into the limelight after decades.



20:30 - 22:00 (90 mins)


A Clownerie experience: Companhia Palma & Otto Panzer Show


This is possibly one of the most colourful and funniest nights of the Festival this year. Coming straight from Italy and Brazil, are two different Circus Art companies professionally specialising in Clownerie.

Clowneire is the art of improvisation and interaction, where the artists get inspired by what happens around them and transform the stage into one big playground.

Companhia Palma - Second Try

Nana & Nata are the protagonists of this show called Second Try.

They are two young women who have fun throwing their objects in the air and creating magic with them.

The duo from Brazil and Italy, use juggling, comedy, physical theatre and clownerie improvisation as a springboard to transform the stage into a playground, create magic and help the audience ease into a moment of lightness and laughter. It is an engaging show, always open to play with the audience and create different endings and different beginnings to the same stories.

Gianni Risola in Otto Panzer Show

Popular italian artist Gianni Risola, takes over the APS Summer Festival stage with his Otto Panzer Show. With a pyrotechnic approach, the public love Otto, from the moment they set eyes on him, both adults and children alike! Otto is an excellent and lovable clown, dressed as a circus instructor. He presents a number of authentically bizarre performances, involving the public in his crazy and scenic adventures. Irreverent, boastful but sweet and proud, Otto is a comic clown with a strong presence on stage, leaving the audience hammered to their chairs with his superb ability and improvisation, transforming each of his shows into a unique event.



20:30 - 21:45 (75 mins)



Sounds of the Mediterranean - The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra feat. Gabriel Lia in Spoken Word & Matthias Camilleri with a Circus Art Performance on Chinese Pole


Closing this year's edition on a high, the APS Summer Festival brings to the the stage musicians from the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra with Spoken word artist Gabriel Lia and Circus Art Performer Matthias Camilleri for a night of Sounds of the Mediterranean.

Musically directed by Alan Chircop, ensembles from the MPO perform a classic concert depicting the Mediterranean and echoing the sounds of this varied, culturally diverse region. Works from composers of different periods feature in a journey of discovery and dream while spoken word interludes by Gabriel Lia will help us reflect and feel, as he intertwines words to music. Matthias Camilleri will help us navigate the magical and the mystical nuances as he performs circus art on a Chinese pole.

This is an original performance created specifically for the APS Summer Festival, curated by our Festival Artistic Director Annalisa Schembri.



APS Summer Festival tickets are non-refundable, unless the Festival is cancelled by the producer or is forced to be cancelled by any directive issued by the Department of Public Health in Malta, in line with any COVID-19 directives.

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