APS Student: 18+

Upon turning 18 you will be entitled to...


FREE APS Student Premier Card to be used with your Virtual account *
Internet banking with FREE mobile authentication, no annual fees! **
Full discount on initial fees on any lump sum investment with APS Funds SICAV plc
25% discount on dealing fees for international stock exchange dealings
NO INITIAL FEES on monthly savings plans on all the range of APS Funds
FREE Standing Orders & Local Drafts
FREE investment and retirement planning advice ***
FREE gift upon receipt of your first maintenance grant

A loan of up to €3,000 to assist you in your educational endeavours; all processing fees will be waived

Up to €250 overdraft limit on your Virtual Account

FREE APS Visa Classic Debit Card for the first year (optional)

* The APS Student Premier Card gives you access to a number of discount schemes from designated APS partners

** Optionally, you can make use of the 365 Online token which is being offered for free for the first two years

*** The service includes a free investment portfolio review, free financial planning advice and free retirement planning advice. You will also get the first monthly retirement plan premium for free.



Applying for an APS Student Account is easy... start by booking an appointment today!



Switching to APS Bank?

Now is the time to switch to APS. There are no costs to worry about, only very attractive interest rates that could save you money! It’s a simple process - just apply for an APS Student Account and we’ll get you started; all the work is handled by us.

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